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How to register to vote? New On-Line Registration link ...and more

Voter Registration

To vote, you must be registered. To register, you must meet these requirements:
  • Be 18 years old by election day
  • Be a US citizen for at least one month before the election
  • Have lived in your election district for at least 30 days before the election day Submit registration form 30 days before the election

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On-line Registration

You may register on-line at VotesPA

In-person Registration

  • You may register at the Bucks County Elections Office in Doylestown.
  • PennDot: with your application for a motor vehicle driver's license
  • Other state offices such as: Public Assistance Offices, Marriage License Bureaus, Orphan's Court, and Armed Forces Recruitment Centers.

Some rules apply at these state offices:

  • Employees may help an applicant fill out the form but they cannot influence political party preference or display partisan allegiance
  • Employees may not discourage registration or alter benefits or imply that benefits will be altered by registration.
  • Where the application is made may not be disclosed to the public.
  • Applications must be forwarded promptly to election commissions.

You stay registered even if you haven't voted recently. An elector may not be removed from the registration rolls except:
  • By request of the elector.
  • Upon death of the elector.
  • Upon confirmation that he has moved outside the county.
  • Upon determination of a valid voter removal program.

You need to register if:
  • You have moved, or
  • You want to change your party affiliation, or
  • There is a mix-up in your registration and you needed a court order to vote in the last election

You should re-register if:
  • You have changed your name
  • You changed your address but still live in the same election district.

Voter ID Requirements

You do NOT need photo ID to vote.

However, if you are voting for the first time at your polling place, you WILL need to show some form of ID, although it does NOT have to be a government or state institution issued Photo ID. Student, employee IDs, for example, are acceptable and do NOT have to have an expiration date.

Accepted forms of PHOTO ID for those voting at their polling place for the FIRST TIME:

  • PA driver's license or other ID card issued by PennDOT
  • ID issued by a PA or U.S. agency
  • U.S. passport
  • Military ID
  • Student ID
  • Employee ID

Accepted NON-PHOTO IDs for those voting at their polling place for the FIRST TIME must list your name and current address:

  • Voter registration card
  • Recent utility bill
  • Recent bank statement
  • Gun permit
  • Recent paycheck
  • ID issued by a PA or U.S. agency

Letter to BC Board of Elections - Voter Photo ID Law

On April 28, 2014, the League of Women Voters of Bucks County sent a letter to Ms. Deena Dean, Director of Bucks County Board of Elections regarding Act 18, also known as Voter Photo ID Law. To see a copy of this letter, please click here.

Absentee Ballots

Unless a voter is in the military or living overseas and applying for an absentee ballot, the voter must prove his/her identity by providing one of the following on an application for an absentee ballot:

1. The voter's driver's license number or PennDOT photo ID number, or
2. The last four digits of the voter's Social Security number (if he/she doesn't have a driver's license), or
3. A copy of any photo ID that would be acceptable if the voter were voting in person at the polls (See Question A. on page 2), or
4. A non-photo driver's license or other non-photo

If you will be away from your county of residence because of occupation, school, business or duties or you will be unable to go to the polls because of illness or disability, you may vote by absentee ballot.

1. Applications for absentee ballots are available from the Bucks County Board of Elections or on-line at VotesPA.

2. Mail the completed application to the Bucks County Board of Elections Office, 55 East Court Street, Doylestown.

3. The Board of Elections will send you a ballot as soon as it is printed.

4. Complete your vote on the absentee ballot and mail to the Bucks County Board of Elections Office, 55 East Court Street, Doylestown. It must reach the Board of Elections by the Friday before the election.

  • If you find you are in town and can vote in person, you are required to go to the polls. Tell them you filed an absentee ballot and they will destroy it.

Overseas Voting Information can be found at Overseas Vote Foundation