Making Democracy Work

Childhood Obesity

This half hour video was created for organizations and individuals who are concerned and interested in improving the health of our children. With the generous support provided by St. Mary Medical Center, "Food for Thought" identifies the problem of childhood obesity and then focuses on groups in Bucks County who had committed themselves to changing the status quo. Included are a hospital sponsored program, a community garden project, a farm and school partnership, and a school districts commitment to offering healthier school lunch choices. This video and guide feature ordinary citizens who decided that "change is possible"!

Food For Thought: Children's Health in Bucks County from Pamela Duffy on Vimeo.

A Discussion Guide is available for your printing.

Excerpts from responses to our Food for Thought DVD and resource materials:

"It has been heartening to hear from people who are interested in helping combat childhood obesity, and I think you for taking the time to share your ideas with me. We launched an initiative here at the White House called Let's Move! to address this growing concern, and we need ideas like yours for this initiative to be successful.....Our strength as a Nation and our ability to responsibly shape our future depends upon tackling this issue, and I hope you stay active in the fight against obesity in your home community." A letter from Michelle Obama, First Lady, The White House.

"Congratulations on creating a resource aimed at helping children choose healthier food options and engage in fun physical activities. I commend the League of Women Voters of Bucks County for working to improve children's health in our commonwealth through this video.....I also extend my compliments to St. Mary Medical Center for providing the funding." A letter from Susan M. Corbett, First Lady, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

"The value of your unique insight on the pressing issues confronting nutrition, exercise and childhood obesity is commendable. I agree it is important to teach future generations the benefits to a healthy lifestyle and applaud the League of Women Voters for taking on this social crisis." A letter from Jim Crawley, Lieutenant Governor, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.